4 Ways to Start the Year Right

14th January |
newupe |
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January 1 give you the chance to start over and implement new strategies in your life that will boost your health and well being. If you don’t know what those strategies are, give me a call so we can discuss some different areas of your life, some of which can include: diet, exercise, time and goals. From this you will reach the peak of your wellbeing.

Let’s have a quick look over the 4 strategies that you can implement in your life to make a difference. Each of these strategies are simple and easy, so start the year the way you want to see it through: on a positive, healthy, less stressed note.

1. Pay a visit to Mr. Diet

What I mean: Eat less processed foods and drink more water.
“Most Australians eat too many refined carbohydrates, preservatives and additives,” I believe minimising these from your diet will directly boost your health. I recommend being tested for your metabolic type – protein, carbohydrate or mixed – so you can choose foods that work best with your body.
Another thing I have found over the years is that increasing your water intake will help you physically and emotionally. A dehydrated central nervous system can contribute to emotional disturbance. What I suggest is that you get it right today: Calculate how much water you require daily using the formula 0.033 x body weight in kilograms = number of litres.

2. Check in with some quiet time

What I mean: Make room for more downtime.
Donal Carr is a member of the CHEK Faculty, an internationally recognised holistic system that supports people to reach their health, wellbeing and life goals. He says “The most important thing to understand is we all run off a system that is powered by what can be likened to rechargeable batteries.”

“Regular quiet time helps us refuel so we can get on with the things we need to do to achieve our dreams, without falling in a heap along the way. Total resting is sleep; passive rest is something your body is not actively involved in, but you are consciously aware of; and active rest is a light activity,” Carr says.

Get it right today: Spend 20 minutes meditating or doing a mindful activity such as yoga, qi gong or tai chi. Go to bed 30 minutes earlier than usual for extra total rest. For more information on my yoga classes feel free to give me a call on 0419 221 212 or check the link above.

3. Say hello to movement

What I mean: Be more active.

“If you exercise properly, 30 minutes is more than enough time to sustain optimal health and wellbeing.” Say Dr. Carr.

If you’re just getting started into your exercise and it’s all a bit new and overwhelming to you it’s important you don’t exercise too hard, too much or too soon. “If you do too much too quickly, you will run your battery flat,” Carr says.

What I suggest is getting stuck into it today: Spend 30 to 60 minutes a day exercising, including your warm-up and stretches, write a plan to keep it in your schedule throughout 2016. Start with a low-intensity program such as walking, tai chi, yoga or swimming. These are great exercises which get you motivated and wanting to build up your stamina. Build up to higher-intensity workouts that include weight resistance and interval training over time, all training session are available to you from NewU PT and I would be happy to discuss your options and what suits you best.

4. Get to know what makes you happy

What I mean: Determine and respect your core values.

Carr says unhappiness is often the result of making decisions that don’t support your core values. “When you identify your core values around quiet time, work, health, family and friends, it’s easier to make optimal decisions that will [help] you find happiness,” he says.

I believe making poor decisions can cause stress, and from here, chronic levels of stress can present physically as excess fat, anxiety and fatigue. So now that it is the start of a new year ask yourself: What value do you place on your health? Or work? Or person time? From here you can use your new mindfulness to decide what to spend your time and money on. Ask yourself, “Will this move me closer to my overall life goal this year?”

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