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“YOGA!” I exclaimed you’ve got to be kidding “I am hard-core that’s for girls. You are not catching me in yoga studio.” These were the words that I spoke to my chiropractor all those years ago. Little did I know what this all lead too.

You see I was a triathlete and marathon runner and had been for 10 years but the pain in my lower back was becoming unbearable and I was no longer enjoying running. My times, in a half marathon, had dropped by about 10 minutes but my chiropractor was able to keep me on the go. Fortunately for me, Wes, my chiro was a keen yoga practitioner.

I was still reluctant to try yoga however on one particular half marathon, that I was about to start, I was talking to somebody that I held in high regards and she told me to try Bikram yoga which she assured me was anything but easy or girlie. So I thought I would give it a shot as I’d heard other reports about yoga being amazing.

The first experience of Bikram yoga was mind opening to say the least but it certainly wasn’t easy and definitely fitted in with my interpretation of hard-core and besides it seemed like a really good workout so that was it, I got hooked and within a few months of doing Bikram 3 to 4 times per week my back started to feel a lot better.

I had been experiencing a bit of pain in my shoulders and I was unable to lift my right arm above my head because the pain have become too difficult to deal with.

Eventually after lots of consultation with different specialists I saw an orthopaedic surgeon who told me that I had arthritis, bursitis, and spurs in my right shoulder and would need it to be replaced! He also told me that my triathlon days were over. I cried.

I told him about my experience with my back and Bikram yoga and asked him if he thought that yoga may help. He laughed at me and with a scoff and a flurry of his hand dismissed my proposal and told me that yoga wouldn’t  hurt but here is a cortisol injection and to book an appointment to get my operation.

I thought “I have no pain now” with the cortisol injection so “I’m going to do a lot of yoga.” To cut a long story short I never did get the operation. I have no pain in my shoulders or my back and am able to swim, run, bike,  push weights and pretty much do whatever exercise I like.

I knew that I had to do something to help people reap the benefits of yoga so I decided to learn how to teach and completed my yoga teacher’s training certificate in the AYM Ashram, Rishikesh, Northern India to enable me to pursue a career designed to help people discover their true potential.

I am now a fully qualified fitness instructor, yoga teacher and nutritionist. I have helped many individuals on the way to a new healthy lifestyle.  My aim is to do the same for you by opening up the world of yoga for you. To say I love it would be an understatement.

I have found that one of the reasons that people don’t start is because they don’t know how to do yoga, which is pretty silly. Of course they don’t know how to do yoga and they are not flexible, but what they don’t understand is that yoga is for everyone regardless of how inflexible, old or how little they know about yoga.

We all have to start somewhere. Nobody knows anything until we learn. We don’t know what we don’t know. Pretty obvious really. That’s where this course is going to help.

My intention when writing this course is to demystify yoga and make it accessible for anyone who has the desire to achieve the total benefits that yoga can give. The more people that know and understand yoga the better the world will be because yoga is not simply about stretching or exercise it’s much more than that. It can of course just be asanas if that’s what the practitioner wants and this will bring many benefits to the yogi or yogini and for some people this is as far as they will want to go with their yoga practice. However, there is a whole world of knowledge out there and my aim is to gently open people’s minds to the possibilities that await.

Hang on for the ride. Here we GO!


David Laidlaw (The Phoenix)

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