david-laidlaw_smallAre you tired of dieting and weight loss programs that don’t work? Are you over enrolling at gyms that simply don’t care?

Would you like to transform your body in a stress free environment,
where a personal trainer is as committed to your achieving your personal goals as you are?

Then, welcome to NewU

Hi I’m David Laidlaw a.k.a “The Phoenix” I am qualified personal Trainer that has developed NewU to meet the needs of people just like you. People who want to undergo a physical transformation in a positive environment using a program developed especially for them with the support of a PT that will be there every step of the way.

I’m not an ordinary PT offering ordinary programs. I’ve travelled this journey and know how difficult it can be to make the changes without the correct support. I’ve been fat, broke, a smoker, an alcoholic and dependent. I’ve been critically injured suffering 3rd degree burns to 35% of my body. Like “The Phoenix” rising from the ashes I transformed my life with the support of some dedicated and committed people and I’m here to do the same for you.

At 40 I weighed in at 115kg’s now 75kg and 10% body fat. At 42 I learnt to swim. Since then I have represented Australia twice in the Triathlon World Championships, competed in six marathons and completed my first Ironman at 52 years of age.

I now specialize coaching triathletes in strength conditioning helping them go that one step further than they thought possible.

me fatI’ve done the study and have the certificates and accreditations in personal training including; suspension straps, boxing and others. I am also an accredited nutritionist and as such am legally allowed to give diet and nutritional advice to my clients. Studying Yoga in Rishikesh, Northern India in the AYM ashram I am a classically trained Yoga teacher, gaining my 200 hour international RYS diploma. But way more than all this I’ve lived this life for 20 years and am now in a position to help people just like you.

I’m here to help you transform and grow into a NewU. The you, you want to be.

Call me now on 0419 221 212 or contact me here and let’s start today to change your tomorrow.

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