Personal Training Pricing

We have some great prices that are tailored to suit you. They are:

1 on 1

1 Session (casual rate) = $65

10 Session Bundle = $620

20 Session Bundle = $1190

Onward and Upward
After the initial Kickstart program, I recommend that you now move to the onward and upward program.
This is much the same format as you are familiar with, namely;
• 1 x PT session / week
• 1 x Yoga class / week
• 1 x Coach call / week.
• All necessary and individualized home workouts and or gym-based workout.
• Work on current goals, e.g., running, weight loss, strength.
• Full access to your coach 5 days /week. Monday to Friday 7am to 6pm via text or email.
• All back up work necessary.

The program is run over 12 (52 weeks) months with a guaranteed 48 sessions of PT, 48 Yoga and 24 Coach calls. This allows for any time off during the 52 weeks. If there are any sessions not completed within the 12-month time frame they will be done at the end of the 12-month time period.

The investment in your health is $420/ month for 12 months.

Or $1260 every three months.

Or $4660 for the full 12 months, which is a savings of $200.

There are no contracts signed. If for any reason one party wishes to terminated the agreement this can be done with 2 weeks’ notice.

1 on 2

1 Session (casual rate) = $90

10 Session Bundle = $820

20 Session Bundle = $1590

The Kick Start program

  • An initial informal chat where we get to know each other and I get a basic understanding of your fitness, health and nutrition goals
  • 2 x assessments one at the beginning of the program and one at the end. These are complete assessments, including body composition, range of movement, strength, cardio vascular fitness, etc. They take about an hour.
  • 10 x 1 on 1 strength conditioning sessions. 45 minutes each session. Once per week.
  • 10 x yoga session group class. 1 hour per class. Once per week.
  • 10 x 1 on 1 Zoom Coach Calls which will include, nutrition education, physical education, yoga, Q&A, and any other personally relevant information. Basically, getting your nutrition in order, holding you accountable making sure you achieve your body transformation goals. Any questions regarding training or any other enquiry can be dealt with during this session. 30 minute per session. Once per week.
  • A dedicated fitness program written for your ability with the aim of achieving your personal goals. You do this 2x/week and are held accountable to that.

The program is designed to run over 10 -12 weeks but if any sessions are missed for legitimate reasons these are made up for at the end.

Once this program is done, we will have a good understanding of your capabilities and we can then move forward from there. You will have a solid grounding in health, nutrition and yoga.

We will be using Dropbox for all our files, MyFitnessPal, for your nutrition and excel for our training calendars. A basic understanding of these programs/apps will be required.

The cost of the program is $1290 or $410/month x 3.

I have 5 yoga sessions running /week. We will choose the most suitable for you after our initial consultation.

If you have any questions. Please either call, email or text.

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